Transbay Transit Center

Transbay Transit Center


Transbay Transit Center
Client and property owner: Transbay Joint Powers Authority
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) engaged steelblue to create a suite of marketing assets that tell the story of the completed Transbay Transit Center and the impact it will have on downtown San Francisco. Affectionately dubbed the “Grand Central Station of the West,” the new transit hub has spurred the development of over twenty-five new office, residential and retail projects in the neighborhood as visualized in the opening of our teaser film.

Having worked on this project over the past five years, we’ve compiled one of the most complete and highly detailed 3D data sets of the area including many of the new projects coming online in the next few years. This allows us to effectively study view corridors, sun and shade conditions and other determining factors for imagining many of these associated projects.

Some of the projects featured are:

Transbay Transit Center
Transbay Tower
Bus Ramp/Under-Ramp Park
535 Mission
50 First St
41 Tehama
350 Mission
340 Fremont
Foundry III
Rene Cazenave
222 2nd
399 Fremont
325 Fremont
45 Lansing
Block 9
One Rincon Hill Tower 2
Block 6/7
Block 2/3/4/5
201 Folsom
75 Howard
181 Fremont
Block 1
524 Howard


SF Future Developments_2013-09-16


We took our illustrations for the project to the next level by creating immersive 360 panos, effectively allowing the TJPA to study their designs from every angle and make the most informed decisions possible. Click, hold and spin on the image below to explore the new Transbay Transit Center or click here to view it full screen.



Also have a look back at the first ever immersive 360 video holiday card we did for the project last year. Again: click, hold and spin!



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